Who we are...

QCSV has a strict hiring process whereby we select only the most qualified group of volunteers from a large pool of interested Queen's University undergraduate students. Those selected are chosen because they have demonstrated that they are truly passionate about making a difference in their local community.


Our volunteers are diverse in age and studies -- with students of all years and Faculties represented in our group. From Science students to Sociology majors, our group may have diverse skills and interests but are all equally driven by their passion for QCSV's mission. 

What we do...

As Queen's University students we are lucky to have our campus located so close to many different Correctional Facilities. Our role as volunteers is to work directly with those offenders that are finishing up their sentences at the different Correctional Facilities, to ensure that they have a healthy transition back into society. 

We do this by running a number of different programs with the offenders -- art classes, grocery accompaniments, discussions...etc. --  with the sole purpose of  building confident, critically-thinking citizens who are more inclined to formulate opinions and articulate them positively and constructively! 

Why we do it...

Repentance and rehabilitation are sine qua nons for the Canadian Criminal Justice System, a system that prides itself in preparing offenders for a safe, gradual, and structured return to their communities in Canada – a nation where 95 percent of offenders are released back into society at some point in their lives.

Our goal in volunteering is to work with offenders, equipping them with  necessary tangible and social skills they need to succeed upon their return into society.

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