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Alicia Mora


Alicia is QCSV's current President. She is in her fourth year studying towards a Psychology Major, and Sociology Minor. Alicia intends to complete a Masters in Psychology and to pursue a career working with juvenile's upon completing her education. Alicia has a passion for helping others, and has found a strong interest in assisting with offender rehabilitation, while working towards safe community reintegration.


Having been trained and certified by Correctional Service Canada in 2016, this is Alicia's fourth year volunteering with QCSV. Alicia has been a strong asset to the club over the past four years. Her efforts contributed to the implementation of the extremely successful art classes held at Henry Trail C.C.C. Alicia also has experience working at Joyceville and Millhaven-RTC on a variety of programs. Alicia represents QCSV through the Alma Mater Society, and at public events and showcases. She takes pride in her work and encourages everyone to get involved in any way they can to better their community.

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Kyra McGovern

Vice President & Program Coordinator: Millhaven

Kyra is this year’s QCSV Vice President and Program Coordinator for Millhaven. She is currently in her fourth year working towards a degree in Philosophy with a minor in Psychology and is interested in pursuing a career in law. Kyra has a passion for helping those in need and has developed a strong interest in helping offenders transition back into their community with the help of rehabilitation programs.


Kyra was certified by Correctional Services Canada in 2017 and is going into her fourth year with the club. She has since participated in the art classes at Henry Trail C.C.C., as well as advocated for QCSV at public events and conferences. She is very excited to have the opportunity to continue her work with the executive team to develop and expand rehabilitation programs to help inmates reintegrate into their community.

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Helen Kosc

Program Coordinator: Collin's Bay

Helen is this year’s Program Coordinator for Collin's Bay. She is currently in her fourth year studying Arts and Science (honours). As a prospective Psychology and Sociology Major planning to attend law school upon graduating from Queen’s, she has always been fascinated by how the human psyche can be influenced by deviance and crime, and how powerful one's social environment and healthy communication can be in deterring one from these temptations.


Having been trained and certified by Correctional Service Canada in 2016, this is Helen's fourth year volunteering with QCSV. Her experience includes participating in bi-weekly Art Classes at Henry Trail and Joyceville, accompanying offenders on grocery runs from Henry Trail, as well as representing QCSV at numerous public events and conferences.

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Maddie Costanzo

Program Coordinator: Joyceville

This is Maddie's second year with QCSV and she is one of the Co-Program Coordinators for Joyceville. Maddie is a fourth year sociology major and religious studies minor.  She was interested in finding a way to get involved in the Queen’s community as well as become a more active member of the Kingston community. She chose QCSV because it is an excellent way to volunteer with her fellow students as well as engage with the community by giving back and lending a hand to a largely marginalized group in our society.


Offenders are a neglected segment of our population and Maddie strongly believes that more needs to be done to provide offenders with the tools they need to survive upon reintegration to society. QCSV allows Maddie to enact positive changes in the lives of offenders and hopefully provide some assistance on their road to rehabilitation and reintegration.

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Varya Genkin

Program Coordinator: Joyceville 

Finance and Logistics Director

Varya is this year's Finance and Logistics Director and the Co-Program Coordinator for Joyceville. She is currently in her fourth year working towards a Sociology degree with a minor in Psychology. Varya is deeply passionate about helping others, which is reflected in her interest in working with correctional services. She hopes that through her involvement with QCSV she can help to positively impact the community and alleviate some of the stigma surrounding offender rehabilitation.


This is Varya's second year with QCSV and she is grateful for the opportunity to be involved with such a supportive group. Varya hopes to encourage the expansion of the club through additional rehabilitation programs, as well as promotion on campus.

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Markella Filtsos

Program Coordinator: Henry Trail

Markella is this year’s Program Coordinator for Henry Trail. She is currently in her third year of the Accelerated Standing Tract nursing program at Queens. Markella has always had a passion for giving back and helping those in need, especially those within the community.


This is Markella’s second year with QCSV and she is ecstatic to continue working and gaining experience as a member of the executive team. Markella joined QCSV in the hopes of gaining valuable first-hand experience in Correctional Services, a field she believes is overlooked amongst many in her age group. She hopes to use her experiences from her involvement with QCSV to diminish stereotypes surrounding correctional services and advocate for those who are unable to do so for themselves.

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Sarah Ott

Marketing Director

Sarah is this year's Marketing Director and is entering her third year of volunteering with QCSV. She is currently in her fourth year working towards a degree in Media and Performance Production. Sarah first became involved with QCSV because she thought it was a club that would really push her and take her outside of her comfort zone.


Sarah continues to volunteer because she believes the club will continue to generate new and innovative ways to help offenders in a positive way and draw on their strengths to show that everyone deserves a second chance. Before becoming Marketing Director, Sarah volunteered with grocery runs and doctor appointments at Henry Trail.

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Zoe Young

Director of Campus and Community Outreach

Zoe is the current Director of Campus and Community Outreach. She is in her fourth year of pursuing a degree in psychology as well as in her fourth year of volunteering with QCSV. Zoe has always been fascinated by crime and the psychology behind it and feels she was lucky to come across a Facebook post advertising QCSV, as it has allowed her to further pursue this interest.


Volunteering with QCSV has further developed Zoe's interpersonal skills, specifically in terms of working, teaching, and listening to others, as well as improved her art skills. Zoe has accompanied offenders from Henry Trail to the grocery store, taught budgeting skills, participated in art classes in Henry Trail and Joyceville, as well as participated in the holiday toy building initiative with offenders from Henry Trail.

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Loky Lee

Head Art Teacher

Loky is QCSV's Head Art Teacher and this is her third year volunteering. Loky is a second-year master student in the department of biomedical and molecular sciences. She is working towards a career in medicine and wants to use visual art in her practice to better connect with patients. Loky continues to volunteer because of the impact the art classes have on the offenders.

Loky states that although the primary objective of the art classes is for art therapy, they were created to provide offenders with the opportunity to learn or improve upon their existing visual art skills and build upon their emotional intelligence and social skills. Loky has volunteered at both Joyceville and Henry Trail, teaching various art lessons that range from drawing to painting.

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Stefanie Asuncion

Internal Relations Director

Stefani is the current Internal Relations Director. She is in her second year of a major in biology and minor in life sciences, hoping to pursue a career in marine biology. Stefanie had worked with homeless people in her home town and had a great experience, so she applied to QCSV to take it one step further.

This is Stefanie's second year volunteering with QCSV. In the past, she primarily volunteered with offenders at the Millhaven-RTC institution in the rehabilitation program. She continues to volunteer because she believes it’s not only valuable to the offenders in terms of rehabilitation, but it allows her to give back to the community on a different level.

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