Henry Trail CCC

QCSV has been partnered with Henry Trail for five years, where we run structured art classes and leisure group coffee houses. The demographic of offenders that our volunteers work with at Henry Trail are known to have unique needs, especially concerning mental health. Our main goal within this institution is to encourage positive interactions between our volunteers and the offenders.

Joyceville Institution

QCSV has been partnered with Joyceville for five years, where we run a series of employment workshops in weekly instalments: cover letters & resumes, followed by interview skills. We also run an art class led by our volunteers wherein we engage in artistic activities ranging from painting and figurine drawing, to animated drawings.

Millhaven Institution

QCSV has been partnered with Millhaven for two years, where we run our own hobby craft classes. This year, we will begin running mindfulness/yoga classes and are also going to be assisting program officers in the new SIU unit with social programs.

Collins Bay Institution

Kingston Youth Shelter and Transitional Homes 

Kingston Interval House

Queen's Correctional Services Volunteers are lucky to be partnered with different local Correctional Facilities, so that volunteers can run programs with offenders at minimum, medium, and maximum security facilities.

To ensure the sessions are most beneficial for offenders and to warrant maximum effectiveness, QCSV communicates with CSC staff on a weekly basis. We coordinate times, share presentations to be printed and provided to the offenders, receive feedback on our current sessions, and brainstorm ideas for sessions that offenders would like to see implemented in the future.

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